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the academy bestowed the john fernandes strategic leadership award upon dr. george najjar, formerly the dean of the olayan school of business, american university of beirut, and the current provost of the lebanese american university, at its october, 2012, meeting in las vegas.

the academy bestowed accreditation upon the school of global leadership and entrepreneurship, regent university, april 5, 2012, at its spring meeting in new orleans.


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directors and officers

ensley photodr. michael d. ensley is a member of the board of directors, and the chairman of the board. dr. ensley is chief research officer and co-founder of the executive assessment institute, a leadership development company which employs a proprietary instrument which assesses leadership temperament and enables client companies to predict executive success, fit managers to appropriate roles, develop officers and enhance corporate performance.

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dr. james w. carland, jr. is a member of the board of directors and he also serves as the executive director of the academy.

dr. joann c. carland is a member of the board of directors and she serves as the director of accreditation. the drs. carland are internationally known researchers and educators in entrepreneurship.

inkidar photo mr. abe inkidar is a member of the board of directors and chairman of the audit committee. he is senior fellow for strategic leadership and chief of the international division of the dream catchers group. he has extensive experience in banking and finance, in retail and wholesale management, and consults internationally on a wide variety of strategic and operational issues. he is fluent in four languages: english, french, arabic and turkish, and his language facility is a major factor in his ability to understand various cultures and customs.

you may download vitae for the directors and officers here:
michael ensley, jim carland, joann carland, abe inkidar