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The Academy bestowed the John Fernandes Strategic Leadership Award upon Dr. Jan Williams, Dean Emeritis of the College of Business, University of Tennessee, at its March, 2014, meeting in Nashville.

The Academy bestowed accreditation upon the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Regent University, April 5, 2012, at its Spring meeting in New Orleans.


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Faculty Accreditation

A service which the Academy offers to its individual members is an opportunity to have an independent agency review faculty credentials, and teaching and research history, to certify terminal qualification to teach in a leadership or entrepreneurship program.

This review is much more than a reading of a vita. The Academy will required complete information and will contact universities to establish degree programs completed and academic performance in those programs, as well as actual course work involved in those programs. The Academy will contact current and previous supervisors to obtain independent evidence of teaching success and performance as a faculty member. Further, the Academy will review publications to establish an independent perspective of research contributions and scholarly stature. The Academy will consider such other evidence as it deems necessary to arrive at a decision to accredit the individual as a fully qualified professor of leadership or entrepreneurship.

The process and procedures involved in this accreditation, as well as the fees associated with it, are outlined in the Faculty Accreditation Standards, which are available for download.