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The Academy bestowed the John Fernandes Strategic Leadership Award upon Dr. Jan Williams, Dean Emeritis of the College of Business, University of Tennessee, at its March, 2014, meeting in Nashville.

The Academy bestowed accreditation upon the School of Business and Leadership, Regent University, April 5, 2012, at its Spring meeting in New Orleans.


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Membership and Fees

Membership is open to any degree granting institution which is interested in advancing quality leadership and entrepreneurship programs. Membership entitles the institution to send one representative to each of the semiannual meetings of the Academy. These meetings are conducted concurrently with the  meetings of the Allied Academies, with which the Academy is affiliated. Additional representatives may attend, but will be required to register and pay the normal registration fees. Annual membership dues are displayed in the dues and fees file which is available for downloading.  All accredited institutions are required to maintain membership in order to retain accreditation. The ongoing membership fees cover the cost associated with review of the annual program status report, outlined in the Accreditation Standards. Any institution interested in pursuing accreditation, must first become a member of the Academy.

The process of moving from member to candidacy is outlined in the Accreditation Standards. Members are expected to pay the expenses associated with obtaining Candidacy and with the process of self-study review and site visitations. These expenses are outlined in the dues and fees file, which also includes the costs associated with reaffirmation.

Membership is also open to individuals. Any individuals seeking Faculty Accreditation are first required to become members, and to maintain membership throughout the process. Individual members join through the Allied Academies website, and are eligible for the same benefits as members of other affiliates of Allied. These include reduced cost access to all journals published by any affiliate, in both hard copy and pdf.

Download the current Schedule of Dues and Fees.